Men Who Prefer Masturbation to Sex with

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By Sarah Ott and Robert Redman


But, though we were built to hunt, though we are a vat of
testosterone, though we do need fantasy, that doesn't mean we are all

Men want a complete, loving, hot relationship with women. We don't
want to be judged. We want our women to try to entice us. Here are
the 10 ways to decrease, not eliminate, but decrease the amount of
times your man will prefer masturbation to sex with you.

1.  Dress up. Keep it sexy. Remember when you were dating. You
dressed up for each other. You smelled nice. You looked tight. Keep it
that way as much as possible. Sure, real life intrudes, kids, work,
schedules, being tired. But, like it or not, sex is not about real life. It's
about you and me and this moment.  make it feel like an important
moment to you.

2. Keep me guessing. The hunt is more important than the capture. Sex
is the capture. Masturbation is the capture. The hunt, the lure, the
enticement is more important.  Catch me off guard. Surprise me. If we
always have sex on Saturdays, switch it up to a Wednesday.

3. Talk to me Nice. Women who have been with men for a while start
talking like it. The tone. The voice says it all. When you're ready to
interest me, let your voice lure me there. I'm not saying be a purring
kitten all the time-- just enough, and especially close to the time when
you want to get me interested.

4. Maturity is Sexy.  When you refuse to judge my fantasies, that's a
turn on. Be self-assured about the presence of my fantasy life. Be
casual. Men love confidence. It shows you know them. And there is
nothing sexier.

5. Make me give you something back. Okay, say you do all this. What
do I give you. I have to agree to give up some of my internet time or
my DVD time with the fantasies. Not all, just some of it. Set a budget
on it. Be playful. It's a great naughty game.

6.  Turn off the world. Don't bring the outside world into our Inside
World. Sex is our ultimate Inside World. I need to feel insulated from
All of That Crap. I Need You and Me in Our Inside World.  Leave the
discussion of the monthly bills for another day. Leave your irritation
with my Mother for another day. Leave it all on the Outside for now.

7. Leave My Things Alone. Don't destroy my DVDs and threaten to take
away my toys. That just makes me mad. And that just makes me even
more determined to keep them. My Fantasies belong to me. Period.
They are mine.  

8. Keep the weight down. Truth. We've said it before. Weight is so
important to sexual frequency. Read about the
link between sex and
fat in a  relationship.

9.  Watch The Eyes. If you see my eyes perk up when you say you are
going the store, that means I am going to masturbate while you're out.
99% of men who masturbate do it while you are out of the house. So,
that may be a great game to play. Get ready to go out to the store.
Then at the last minute, turn the game on me, and stay at home, and
entice me into bed.

10. Use Your Advantage. No matter how powerful a fantasy's pull, you
have a natural advantage. You are there. Fantasies can not caress my
neck and kiss me. You can. Fantasies cannot create a smell in the
bedroom that I love --studies show men get turned on by the smell of
certain foods. For me, it's popcorn because it reminds me of the days
when I was a horny teenager in th dark movie theater away from the
interference of parents, get it?

Find out what your husband's or boyfriend's key smell is. Then work
that advantage mercilessly.

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  Masturbation Facts

  • 95-98% of men and 56-89% of women have
    masturbated at some point in their lives,
    according to a 1993 study by researchers
    Janus and Janus and a 2002 study by
    researchers Pinkerton, Bogart

  • Male college students reported masturbating
    an average of 4 times per week, 12 times per

  • Female college students reported
    masturbating a little more than 1 time per
    week, 4.7 times per month

  • African Americans report masturbating fewer
    than whites, averaging 62% at some time in
    their lives, compared with 98% of white
    males, in a 2002 study by
    researchersRobinson, Bockting, & Harrell.

  • Of those who live with a sexual partner, 85%
    of men still masturbate and 45% of women
    continue to masturbate, according to a 1994
    study by researchers
Laumann, Gagnon, Michael and Michaels.

  • Masturbation potects against  Prostate Cancer.
    Men who masturbate more than 5 times a
    week in their 20's are 33%  less likely to
    develop the most aggressive form of prostate
    cancer later in life. A 2003 study by Graham
    Giles at the Cancer Council of Victoria in
    Melbourne Australia found that the ejaculate
    helps to "flush" or rid the male body of

  • Masturbation appears to tone the penis by
    exercising the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle,
    commonly known as the "pelvic floor". The PC
    extends from the mons pubis to the anus. You
    use your PC to hold your water, preventing
    urination. Dr. Arnold Kegel a Californian
    obstetrician developed the "Kegel exercises in
    1946 to prevent incontinence. Since then,
    Kegel exercises have been used to tighten the
    vagina after childbirth and to heighten sexual
    pleasure in both men and women.

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