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Why Am I Always Hungry? -- Causes and
Top 10 Natural Remedies
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May 2, 2012, last updated May 23, 2016

By Stephen Kintz, Contributing Columnist

8. Sleep

Sleep is important for a whole host of bodily functions. To
put it simply, sleep helps your body maintain hormonal
balance. Therefore, it is not surprising that Prinz from the
University of Washington in Seattle, Washington discovered
that a lack of sleep disrupts two hormones, leptin and
ghrelin, that are very important for the regulation of
appetite. The study was published in the December 2004
issue of “PLOS Medicine.” Since both these hormones
regulate appetite, a lack of sleep will not only cause you to
be hungry, but this hunger will make you gain weight. So do
go hungry, go to sleep.


If sleep keeps you healthy, exercise will also keep you
healthy. Yes, there is a growing body of evidence that
suggests that exercise does not cause substantial increase in
calorie intake.

More importantly, short-term and long-term exercise allows
the body to better regulate itself. This means that exercise
will help your meals fill you up faster and longer. I know it is
annoying to see exercise on almost every remedy list, but
exercise does a body good.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

You’re hungry, and you’re stressed. I hate to tell you this,
but your bad mood is making you more susceptible to food
cravings and hunger. Kilgore and colleagues from Belmont,
Massachusetts published a study in the July 2006 issue of
the “International Journal of Eating Disorders” that shows
that a negative emotional state increase cravings for calorie-
dense foods. So if you do not want to feel hungry, you
might want to break out that yoga mat or pop in that
relaxation tape. You could also throw on a funny movie. It
doesn’t matter how you relax; it just matters that you calm
down and relax.


These methods should help anyone cope with their hunger
throughout the day. If these methods fail to help and your
hunger is affecting your life, you should consult your doctor.
However, it should be noted that if you are one of the 30
percent of Americans currently on a diet with the specific
goal to lose weight, your reduce calorie intake will, at some
point, cause you to be hungry. Unfortunately, if you want to
lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle after you lived
on a diet high in fats and sugars, you are going to have to
live with the hunger pains a little while. Sorry. It will be
worth it.

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