Editorial Policy

All of the health and wellness content on Collectivewizdom.com is
subjected to multiple levels of review, including a review by a Medical
Reviewer, who is either a US licensed physician or a U.S. licensed
Registered Nurse. All of the fitness and exercise content is reviewed
by a fitness trainer certified in the U.S.  Content is also reviewed by a
member of our Editorial Board to ensure compliance with our
standards for transparency and accuracy and updated to reflect new
developments or advances in research or clinical knowledge.   

All of the content on Collectivewizdom.com is the original work of our
columnists with graduate level degrees from US universities.  Our
columnists are non-medical professionals who are university graduate
level researchers and writers. Our articles are based on academic
research, and are identified by the year of the study and the
university source of the study and , where necessary, the lead
authors.  Additional information and recommendations are added, as
appropriate, by our team of
Doctors and Registered Nurses based
upon their clinical experience or, in the case of exercise
recommendations, by a
Certified fitness trainer.  

All of our articles are reviewed for accuracy and comprehensiveness
before publication by one of our Health Editors under the direction of
a member of our Editorial Board, which consists of physicians,
Registered nurses and professionals with graduate degrees in Public

Chair, Editorial Board: Our Editorial Board is chaired by Maria Rivera,
who holds a Masters in Public Health degree from Adelphi University
and is a 20-year veteran  in medical accreditation and management.
Ms. Rivera oversees our
Editorial team which includes professionals in
fitness, medicine and nutrition.

Managing Editor: Anita J. Lee is the Managing Editor of
Collectivewizdom.com. She has over 15 years of experience in
management, website development and content production and
editing. A graduate of Harvard University and a past member of the
Writers Guild of America, she is the author of numerous technical
articles and three books published by Barron's Educational Series.

Medical Professionals:  Meet the
Doctors and Registered Nurses who
review our content. Our Senior Medical Reviewer is Dr. James Jones,
a Board-Certified physician in Internal Medicine with over 30 years of
clinical practice. Our Chief Registered Nurse is Lisa Harris, a
Registered Nurse with over 31 years of clinical experience in hospital
and private practice settings, covering obstetrics/gynecology, cardiac
care, diabetes care and preventive care.

Fitness Editor: Our
Senior Fitness Editor is Daniela Melton, who has
been a Certified Personal Trainer, A.C.E.,  for over 14 years.  Daniela
is an American who was born in Germany and has lived and trained
clients in California and internationally.  Her motivation is simple: " I
love the smile on the face of a person when they reach their goals or
surpass them. Fitness is a great confidence builder, they realize they
are capable of all that seemed impossible at first and much, much

Our content is updated to reflect new research developments or
cautions issued by governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug
Administration or their international peers in the United Kingdom,
Canada or elsewhere. Updates are the work of our Editors.


We link to other websites for informational purposes only.
We do not link to commercial content within our articles.  All
advertisement is contained within ads and are obvious as such.

Transparency, Financial Interests and Disclosures

None of the authors, Editors or members of our Editorial Board have
any financial interest in any company whose products are reviewed
on our site or which appear in any advertisement on our site. Our site
is funded by the advertisements that appear on our site, all of which
conform to our Privacy Guidelines.

Privacy Policy

We do not share information obtained through subscriptions with any
third party as we set forth more fully in our
Privacy Policy.

last modified: August 4, 2013

This Editorial Policy may be updated from time to time by the Editorial
Board to ensure it accuracy and compliance with our Content


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Managing Editor, Collectivewizdom.com
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e-mail: pages@collectivewizdom.com
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