Heart Attack Symptoms in Women-
Every Heart Attack is Different.
-        Readers Share Their True Heart Attack Experiences

The "classic" symptoms of a heart attack (myocardial infarction) are

1. Sudden pain or pressure in the chest
2. Shortness of Breath
3. Pain in the arms, especially the left arm.

But many women do not experience the classic symptoms. Women can

1. Pain in the upper back between the shoulder blades
2. Extreme fatigue
3. Nausea
4. Indigestion
4. Any or none of the classic symptoms.

In other words,
real women having real heart attacks have vastly
different symptoms than the symptoms taught in medical text books.

Heart attacks are under-diagnosed in women.
One of the reasons these pages were started at CollectiveWizdom was to
dispel and debunk the common misconceptions about what a heart
attack really feels like.  A lot of women have died after ignoring the
real-life symptoms they were feeling because --and this is the saddest
their actual symptoms did not match the "classic" symptoms of a
heart attack.

The only advice you need to hear is from your own body. Believe your
. As a woman, it is your best protection against mis-diagnosis.

Believe your body, even though

-The doctor, who knows best, tells you it's only indigestion

Believe your body, even though,

-You know it's just indigestion, and it'll go away if you can just get to

Believe your body, even though

-You know that pain in your jaw is because you ate too much popcorn

You should not guess at whether you are having a heart attack. If you
are at all unsure, if you think "maybe", if it even crosses your mind,  go
to the Emergency Room. Go. Now.

If you are having a myocardial infarction, they can administer a
potentially life-saving clot-busting drug.

At CollectiveWizdom, we are on a quest to collect the real life experiences
of women and men who have had heart attacks. Join the quest.

If you have had a heart attack, make it a purposeful event by sharing
with other women and men. E-mail us at pages@ collectivewizdom.com.
You may make your submission anonymous but please include your first
name and the initial of your last name.

Make another woman or man Believe Their Body. Save a life.

Here is an Index of Real Life Heart Attack stories.  We hope that
somewhere out there a woman or man will recognize their symptoms or
the symptoms of a loved one, and a life will be saved.

Index of Personal Heart Attack Stories

My Heart Attack --"I Had Just Had The Best Day"

My Heart Attack--"I Thought I Had Asthma"

"They Gave My Husband Indigestion Medicine But He Was Having a Heart

"I Thought It Was Just Nausea But I Was Having Heart Attack"

"My Job Drove Me to Have A Heart Attack at Age 37"

My Heart Attack--"I Had a Silent Heart Attack" (read this story below)

Are you a heart attack survivor? Help others by sharing your story: Send
it to pages@collectivewizdom.com

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