Lose Weight By Lowering the Thermostat
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Last updated November 13, 2017, originally published August  7, 2009

By Susan M. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

I'll admit it. I'm lazy. Sure, I know the best and most effective
way to lose weight long-term is to both
diet and exercise.  
And, I've done that. I've strapped on those exercise bras and
sweat pants and worked for weight loss and better health and
,don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for the improved
health I've found through living right. But my secret passion?  
Truth be told, I've been on a 30-year quest to find the laziest
way to lose weight.  And, at last, I think I've found it.

Lower the thermostat.  That's right. Lowering the thermostat
can help you shed pounds, according to a several recent

Brown Fat Burns Calories

A team of researchers from Maastricht University Medical
Center in the Netherlands has discovered that cold
temperatures stimulate our bodies to lose weight.   The secret
mechanism the body uses is a substance called "brown fat".  

Brown fat, also called brown adipose tissue,  is found mostly
in babies.  Human babies lack the ability to shiver to generate
heat when they're cold.  Instead, they use brown fat.  White
fat, the type of fat most of us adults have, does not generate
nearly as much heat when we're cold.   
That's why we adults
have the ability to shiver, a reaction which, by the way, raises
our metabolism 500%.

For years, researchers believed that since babies have so
much brown fat and we adults have so little of it, that brown
fat simply became dormant after we grew up.  They thought
we lost our ability to activate our brown fat.  

But new studies have found that this belief is wrong.  While
we have less brown fat than we did as babies, and some small
percentage of us lose it altogether, most of us can reactivate
our brown fat.   If we are exposed to certain ranges of cold
temperatures, our bodies can re-activate the brown fat and
burn calories.

The key is the cold temperature. Being in cold weather or
sleeping in a colder room burns fat.  

Burn Calories While You Sleep

How low do you have to go to activate your brown fat? Just
how cold do we have to be?  The magic number is 60 degrees.
The Dutch study tested 24 healthy men at 16 degrees Celsius (
60.8 Fahrenheit) and found that at that temperature, 96% of
them, 23 out of 24, had reactivated brown fat levels.

During the night, try lowering your thermostat in the room
you sleep in to 60 degrees for maximum weight loss. You
literally will burn calories while you sleep.

Lowering your thermostat at night will not only save you
money by reducing your fuel bills this winter and save the
planet.  It can also help to save your waist line.

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