Vegeterian Diets
--Let Me Count
The Ways

There are several types of

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat
plant foods, milk, milk
products and eggs, but
avoid flesh foods (meat,
poultry and fish).
Lacto-vegetarians eat
plant foods, milk and milk
products, but avoid eggs
and flesh foods.
Ovo-vegetarians eat plant
foods and eggs, but avoid
milk, milk products and
flesh foods.
eat meats like seafood
and chicken, but do not
eat other meats, such as
beef, lamb, and pork.
Total vegetarians, also
called vegans, eat plant
foods only.

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Massage Reduces Blood Pressure
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October 7, 2009

By Susan Callahan,  Health Editor and Featured Columnist

If you have high blood pressure that is resistant to
treatment from medicines and dietary changes, take heart.  
You have a new ally in the fight against high blood
pressure.  And that ally is an old friend. Massage. That's
right, therapeutic massage is emerging as an effective
complementary strategy  for the treatment of high blood

Although Americans suffer from some of the highest rates
of blood pressure in the world, we do not as a whole take
advanatge of therapeutic massage.  

And that's not good for our health, it turns out. Studies
from universities around the world have found that
massage can lower blood pressure. However, not all types
of massage are equally effective in lowering blood pressure.

Here are the best types of massage to lower your blood
pressure, based on current research:

Facial Massage. Massaging your face is one of the best
ways to quickly lower blood pressure. A 2007 study by  
London South Bank University found that people who had
a 20 minute facial massage experienced a 8.5 point
immediate drop in their systolic (top number) blood
pressure.  There's someting special about face massage
when it comes to your blood pressure. Other types of
massage simply did not produce as dramatic a drop. For
example, the same study found that massaging your feet
only produces a 1 point drop in blood pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage. Compared with other massage
techniques, such as lymph massage, deep tisue massage is
significantly  more effective in reducing blood pressure. A
2008 study by  Louisiana State University Health Sciences
Center analyzed the systolic (top number), diatolic (bottom
number) and average heart rates of 263 volunteers after
they had undergone a 45 to 60 minute deep tissue massage.

The results were startling.  Systolic (top number) blood
pressure droped an average of 10.4 points. Diastolic
(bottom number) blood  pressure dropped an average of
5.4 points.  Moreover, average heart rates dropped 10.8
beats per minute.

Myofascial Trigger Points. Massage applied to so-called
"myofscial trigger points"  reduces your heart rate and
blood pressure. First, what are myofascial trigger points. A
2008 study from Albany Medical Center defined a myosfcial
trigger point as " a hyperirritable spot, usually within a taut
band of skeletal muscle, which is painful on compression
and can give rise to characteristic referred pain, motor
dysfunction, and autonomic phenomena".

In other words, they are your hot spots. The spots that
hurt in your back and shoulders, arms, wherever.

Massaging your painful myofascial trigger points can
reduce blood pressure, heart rate and induce overall
relaxation, according to a 2002 study from Wirral
Metropolitan College in the UK. The study eof 30 healthy
males and females found that such massage reduced
systolic blood pressure by 20%, diastolic blood pressure by
10% and heart rate by 10%.

As a bonus, myofascial  trigger-point massage significantly
improved the subjects self-assessment of their emotional
state and muscle tension.

I'm a convert. I can personally report that since I have
made twice-monthly deep tussue massages a part of my
health routine, I have experienced deeper and more
relaxed sleep, lower blood pressure and lower heart rate.  
Massage is essential to maintaining your good health. It's
not a luxury. It's a necessity.

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