Stop Family from Ruining Your Diet
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September 14, 2009 (Updated September 15, 2009)
By Susan M. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Here is a common complaint among dieters: "I have been
going great on my diet but my husband continues to bring
food in the house that I just can't resist. His
metabolism is
very high, so he doesn't gain an ounce. Me, on the other
hand, I can look at food and feel it attaching to my thighs.

Family sabotage of diets. The problem of family habits
undermining your ability to diet is rather common. For
every dieter in a family, there is usually someone else in the
family who is not on the same diet at the same time.
Compounding the problem, you may the one who cooks for
the family, making it necessary for you to smell the very
foods that you find so tempting --and so destructive-- to
your diet.

Here are some great strategies to help you stop family
members from ruining your diet:

Eat early.  Try to eat earlier than your family. That way,
you will be full, and your willpower more fortified , by the
time they sit down to that tempting fried chicken dinner.

Drink while they eat. If you have to eat at the same time
as your family, make it a habit to drink while they eat. Stall,
as long as you can, while they finish some of their meal.
This will give your stomach time to recognize that you are
getting full on the liquids before you begin to eat. This
takes advantage of one of the age-old tricks of
weight loss.
Use high-volume foods such as water or low-calorie shakes
trick your stomach into feeling that you've eaten enough.

Talk back. Most family members don't recognize how
destructive their poor eating habits can be to someone
trying to diet. Practice saying this speech whenever you
feel they are pulling against your goals: "I am only trying
to get healthy, so that I can be a part of your life for as
long as I can.I love you. Help me stick around longer, will

Recruit them.  People tend to support things they
control. Try to share control of the planning for the family
meals. Give them a choice of two meals, one healthier than
the other. Tell them, tonight you choose, tomorrow I

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