Stop Insulin Impairment --A Simple Way
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Last updated November 11, 2016 (originally published February 17, 2009)

By Susan M. Callahan, Health Editor and Featured Columnist

What do these diseases have in common --- polycystic
ovary syndrome (PCOS),
diabetes, heart disease, obesity,
stroke?  Insulin. All these diseases are either directly
caused by or exacerbated by insulin resistance or insulin

Insulin impairment raises blood sugar, it also alters the way
our hormones are regulated. Estimates vary as to how
many Americans suffer from insulin resistance. According
to the American Heart Association --- which studies
diabetes because of its role in increasing heart disease risk
--- as many as 59.7 million Americans suffer from
pre-diabetes, characterized by impaired glucose tolerance.

Insulin resistance is the secret killer of our generation. Why
our bodies can no longer process sugar is something of a
mystery to researchers. But what is not a mystery is how to
fix it.

Eating healthy, low-carbohydrate meals is the best strategy
for restoring insulin balance.

Here is a basic plan for healthy eating that keeps your
insulin and sugar levels in balance.

No White Foods.  White foods are made from refined flour.
By refined, we mean that all the grain and fiber has been
removed from the flour. White flour is exceptionally good
at raising blood sugar. In fact, it increases blood sugar just
as rapidly as table sugar itself.

So, skip white bread, potatoes, white rice, white pasta
potato chips and most other crunchy snacks
.  The only
exception to this rule is cauliflower.

If you feel you just absolutely have to munch on something
crunchy, keep bowls of walnuts, almonds and other nuts
handy. These will satisfy the need for a "crunch" and they
will also add fiber and healthy oils to your diet, both of
which will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and
a healthy body weight.  Walnuts, in particular, have many
other health bonuses, such as increasing your lifespan by
lowering your risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Go Green.  The best way to eat for POS (polycistic ovary
syndrome) is to base your main meals off green vegetables
(cabbage, spinach, broccoli, turnip greens, collard greens,
etc).  Why? Green vegetables, among all vegetables, have
the fewest carbs. They also are rich in anti-oxidants and
plant phenols which help your body's hormonal balance.

Skip Red Meat.  Skip red meat.  Entirely. Besides the
horrendous impact red meat has on cholesterol levels,
many farmers raise their animals on feed which is literally
soaked in hormones. These hormones interfere with your
body's hormones.  

In Puerto Rico, for example, through the 1970's and
1980's, many of the chickens were fed so much hormone
that male children who ate the chicken grew breast buds.

Eat Fish.  Fish with omega-3 fatty acids has been linked
with improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels, both of
which indirectly help your insulin response.

Eat Quinoa or Soy.  Almost every one has heard of the
benefits of eating soy but not that many people know yet
about quinoa, a 5000-year old South American grain.
Quinoa, like soy, is a complete protein. However, unlike
soy, it has no plant hormones and does not interfere with
your body's hormones. In men, for example, research has
shown that eating soy reduces sperm count.  


Garlic Improves Your Body's Insulin Resistance

Garlic helps to improve insulin resistance. A 2011 study
from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in
Hyderabad, India discovered that laboratory rats which
were fed a diet of raw garlic paste (whole garlic cloves
homogenized in water) for 8 weeks showed markedly
improved ability to process sugar and lowered insulin
resistance. The amount of garlic was 250 mg per kilogram
of body weight per day.

So, if you weigh 60 kilograms (about 132 pounds), you
would need to eat 15 grams of garlic a day. Since a clove of
garlic weighs about a gram on average, you'd need to
consume about 15 cloves a day to get the same effect.

That's a lot of garlic, admittedly. But do try to incorporate
more garlic in your diet. I add garlic to my chicken, fro
ample. I also simmer garlic in olive oil and add them to
salads and to mixed vegetables of all types.

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