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Top 10 Health Benefits of Garlic

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November 10, 2012, last updated May 4, 2013

By Alison Turner, Featured Columnist

7. Garlic Helps to Fight Skin Cancer.  Most of us know by
now that even if we wear sunscreen, hats, and (however
much it hurts) limit our time under direct sunlight, we can
still be at risk for skin cancer.  A few years ago, experts
teaming together from Washington D.C. and India
discovered another method that might help us to decrease
our risk of skin cancer ---eat more garlic.  

In 2009, Dr. Tapas Saha with the Department of Oncology
at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.
C., along with a colleague in Kolkata, India,  evaluated the
“chemopreventive” effect of aqueous garlic on skin cancer
in mice.  Mice were divided into five groups according to
various forms of induced skin cancer and garlic treatments.  
Results showed that garlic extracts protected cells from
injury by inhibiting “the oxidative modification of lipids.”  
The best overall chem0preventive results occurred when
garlic treatment was performed before and after the skin
cancer was induced.  

Indeed, eating of garlic “delayed formation of skin
papillomas” as well as the number and size of these

Next time you're on the beach, try your best to get garlic
into your lunch cooler.  

Do You Have Type II Diabetes?  Eat More Garlic to
Reduce Cardiovascular Risks.

By now, odds are that all of us know someone affected by
Type II Diabetes, a disease that can easily lead to
cardiovascular problems.  Fortunately, a few years ago
Russian researchers discovered a method that may help to
reduce cardiovascular problems in patients with Type II
Diabetes.  You guessed it --- garlic.  

In 2008, Igor Sobenin at the Institute of General Pathology
and Pathophysiology at the Russian Academy of Medical
Sciences in Moscow, along with a large team of other
Russian researchers,  looked into how garlic powder
affected metabolic control and plasma liquids in patients
with type II diabetes.  They found that after four weeks of
treatment with Allicor, a pill form of garlic powder, patients
showed “better metabolic control,” and healthier
triglyceride levels.  The team concludes that “benefits from
garlic preparations may lead to the reduction of
cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients.”  

Odds are that someone who has
Type II Diabetes is already
taking all sorts of medication.  Adding one more pill to the
mix may be worth the swallow.  (Read more about
that help you control blood sugar.)

Blood Pressure Regulation and Garlic: Made Possible by
Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas also known as H2S which may be
more important to our hearts than most of us realize.  

In 2009, Carsten Wagner with the Institute of Physiology
and the University of Zurich  in Switzerland suggested that
H2S may be a “novel regulator” of arterial diameter and
blood flow, and that the gas may have anti-inflammatory
effects.  Wagner’s data deems H2S as a “new regulator of
vascular blood flow and blood pressure” – and the even
better news, is that garlic can help us access more H2S.  

In 2007, researchers from various departments at the
University of Alabama at Birmingham, including Gloria
Benavides with the Department of Environmental Health
Sciences,  showed that a complicated-sounding process
occurs (human red blood cells “convert garlic-derived
organic polysulfides into hydrogen sulfide”) that allows the
benefits of H2S to correspond with garlic.  

In other, more confusing, words, “the vasoactivity of garlic
compounds is synchronous with H2S production, and their
potency to mediate relaxation increases with H2S yield,
strongly supporting [the] hypothesis that H2S mediates the
vasoactivity of garlic.”   

Garlic may encourage H2S presence, which may help us
manage our blood pressure.  

Garlic May Help Prevent Cell Death.    One of the most
exciting benefits of garlic that scientists looked at earlier
this year, in 2012, is how garlic may help to prevent the
death of cells.  

Xavier Lieben Louis and other researchers  published a
study in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine that
looked into how purple garlic may prevent cell death.  
Cardiomyocytes, part of the muscles in the heart, were
treated in rats with Norepinephrine (NE) to induce
hypertrophy (enlargement) of the heart muscle.  Results
showed that the heart muscles that were exposed to NE
increased in both cell size and cell death, but that “this
increase was significantly prevented upon treatment with
garlic skin and flesh extracts.”    

If you want to make your own extract at home, the
researchers found that the beneficial part of garlic, allicin,
was more concentrated in garlic flesh extract than in the
skin extract.  

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