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Top 10 Healthy Morning Juices

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April 2, 2011, last updated July 24, 2014
By Muireann Prendergast, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist
and Susan Callahan, Health Editor

Do you start your day with a bowl of fruit and a power
juicer? If so, you are not alone. Fruit juices, smoothies and
shots are the hot trend right now.  Kate Moss has been
spotted sipping a Mangosteen smoothie. Juices and juicing
at home are such big business and so aggressively and
sometimes falsely marketed that Oprah Winfrey and Dr.
Mehmet Oz have even had to
issue a statement that she
not endorse acai berry juice.  

Aside from the commercially available juices, Americans are
juicing at home. If you don’t, you are missing out. Juices
are delicious and easy. You probably guessed this already
but did you know they also have countless health benefits?
Are there recipes for the healthiest morning juices? What
vegetables and fruits give you the best lift, which ones
keep your energy steady and which ones help prevent
diseases such as heart disease, diabetes,arthritis and
cancer? How do the newer fashionable juices such as acai
and Mangosteen stack up against traditional juices like
wheat grass?

Choosing the Wrong Morning Juice Can be Dangerous

Think your choice of morning juice is a trivial matter? Think
again. The choice of which juice to drink in the mornings
can in some cases be of critical --- even life-changing ---

Several studies have found that drinking grapefruit juice,
for example, actually over-strengthens certain medications,
and can lead to disastrous consequences, including internal
bleeding and death.

The most recent study came a joint study led by Dr. David
Bailey, Dr. J. Malcolm Arnold and Dr. George Dresser of
Canada.  About 85 drugs have known adverse interactions
with grapefruit juice, and 43 such medications can have
serious consequences. Many of these drugs are statins or
other heart or blood pressure medications.  

In addition to grapefruit, other fruit such as Seville oranges
and limes and also produce serious side effects when mixed
with medications.

What should you do if you are unsure whether your
preferred grapefruit, orange, lime or other citrus juice is
dangerous with the medications you've been prescribed?
Of course check with your doctor.

But also never take medications with any juice, especially
citrus juices. The acids that occur naturally in your stomach
work just fine to break down the medications. You don't
need to amplify the acidic effect by adding juices with citrus
acid. (Read more about which
foods and drinks not to mix
with blood-thinning medications.)

t’s time to sidestep those coffee and bagels for a fresh and
fun alternative. We’ve scoured our library to find some
juices that could just well give your morning the jump start
it’s been needing.

Our Top Ten Pick of Healthy Morning Juices

1. An Apple Smoothie

A 2011 German study undertaken by researchers at
University of Kaiserslautern found that apple smoothies
containing 60% cloudy apple juice, or apple juice with solid
pieces and 40% apple puree, could be more effective in the
prevention of chronic colon diseases than both cloudy
apple juice on its own and apple cider. This is because
antioxidants like polyphenols and healthy acids reach the
colon quicker and in greater quantities after the
consumption of this mix of apple smoothie.

Mixed Berry Juice

A 2010 study carried out at Oklahoma State University
found that berries like chokeberries, cranberries,
blueberries, and strawberries are a great source of
polyphenols, including anthocyanins, micronutrients, and
fiber. The study found that the health properties of the
juices were not reduced when the fruits were frozen and
used in juices.

3. Pomegranate Juice

A 2008 study carried out by researchers at the University
of California revealed that pure pomegranate juice,
produced from the punica granatum fruits variety, had the
highest antioxidant potency among all beverages tested,
including Concord grape juice, blueberry juice, black cherry
juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, iced tea beverages and
apple juice, among others. The study found that this
difference was, in some cases, as high as 20% due to the
pomegranate’s high polyphenol levels.

Orange, Melon, Grape, Peach and Plum Juice

Oxidative stress, produced by an imbalance in the human
antioxidant status, has been implicated in aging and a
number of human diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis,
and rheumatoid arthritis, says a 2005 South Korean study
published by Seoul National University School of Medicine.

The study found that this oxidative stress can be reduced
by the consumption of a combination fruits and juices like
orange, melon, grape, peach and plums due to their
particular antioxidant qualities.

Mangosteen Juice  

A 2009 study undertaken by researchers at California’s
Medicus Research LLC, Northridge, found that a
Mangosteen juice blend of seeds, flesh and rind, reduced C-
reactive protein (CRP) levels in overweight and obese
participants in the study. These particular proteins normally
lead to joint inflammation as well as the development of
heart disease and diabetes. Mangosteen juice is a tropical
fruit native to Southeast Asia. Its xanthones, or naturally
occurring organic compounds in the fruit’s internal edible
tissue, also helped reduce and repress cancer tumors in
mice in a 2010 study from Srinakharinwirot University,
Bangkok, Thailand.

The American Cancer Society takes a more cautious stance
on Mangosteen juice, stating :"
although there is no reliable
evidence that mangosteen juice, puree, or bark is effective
as a treatment for cancer in humans, it’s fruit has been
shown to be rich in antioxidants. Very early laboratory
studies suggest it may have promise as a topical treatment
for acne. Early small laboratory and animal studies suggest
that further research should be done to determine whether
it can help to prevent cancer in humans

Lemon Infusion

Lemon, particularly the Lemon Verbena infusion, is an
excellent source of antioxidants as well as a scavenger of
free radicals, or atoms that can result in cancer and
degenerative diseases, according to a 2011 Spanish study
carried out by the Autonomous University of Madrid. A
lemon infusion is the equivalent of herbal green tea
antioxidant drink in terms of antioxidant activity according
to the study.

Note that you should avoid taking lemon juice in the
morning if you are also on certain medications, especially
statins and other drugs that thin your blood. Check with
your doctor.

Açai Palm Fruit Smoothie

Açai palm fruit, a fruit that is indigenous to the Amazon,
has high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and
anti-cardiovascular disease properties according to a 2010
study published by Maryland-based National Institute on
Aging, National Institutes of Health. Açai smoothies can be
made using the juice and pulp of the fruit.

Wheat Grass Shot

Wheat grass can be effective in the treatment of ulcerative
colitis according to a 2002 study researched at Israel
Institute of Technology. For the study twenty-three
patients, in three cities in Israel, who had been diagnosed
with active distal ulcerative colitis, consumed either 100 cc
of wheat grass juice, or a matching placebo, daily for 1

Participants who consumed the wheat grass were shown to
have significantly reduced rectal bleeding and bowel
movements. Wheatgrass can be added in powder form to
all juices. (Read more about remedies for
ulcerative colitis.)

Many of the other reputed health benefits of wheat grass  
(anti-cancer, immunity-boosting and more) simply have not
been proven by medical research and should be regarded
as speculative at best.

Goji Berry Juice

The goji berry, traditionally incorporated into Chinese
medicine for its antioxidant and immune-modulating
effects, can provide protection from the sun’s ultraviolet
(UV) rays according to a 2010 study carried out on mice at
the University of Sydney. Following the consumption of goji
berry juice, antioxidant activity in the skin was
demonstrated by the increased protection (by 5%) against
lipid peroxidation induced by UVA radiation.

Celery And Honey Juice

Celery can help reduce the symptoms of gastric ulcers such
as inflammation and mucus build-up according to a 2010
Saudi Arabian study carried out on rats at King Saud
University. Celery juice can be enjoyed with a spoon of
honey which has strong antibacterial qualities according to
a 2011 Canadian study from the University of Quebec.

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Choosing the wrong morning juice can
be deadly. Grapefruit juice magnifies
the intensity of certain medications.